Hi There! My name is Wahkeena Sitka, and I am a Professional Cuddler located in Portland, OR.

I offer Cuddle Therapy sessions to men and women who are looking for the ultimate relaxation. A cuddle session is an opportunity to receive deeply restorative & nurturing touch, to receive and give unconditional kindness & presence.

Cuddle sessions are fully clothed, strictly non-sexual, and are offered in a warm, cozy candle-lit environment filled with pillows, blankets and an ambiance of serenity.

Every human being needs self-care practices so that we may feel fully alive – and Cuddle Therapy is an excellent adjunct to traditional self-care practices like Therapeutic Massage, Yoga and Acupuncture. Cuddling is a healing experience that allows you to come into your body and release tension & anxiety.

Experience a cuddle session & allow all that stress to dissolve into bliss… Let’s Cuddle!

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You can practice openness and deep heart-contact with everyone you love - in fact, with everyone. Whoever you are with, look into their eyes. Feel through their mask or social face, and feel into their heart's desire; they want to open, to connect and feel deep love, just like you do.
- David Deida